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What is FactorBranded

FactorBranded is the advertising solutions arm of FactorDaily.

FactorBranded leverages the credibility, audience data and the power of FactorDaily technology tools to deliver RoI to brands that seek to partner with us. In doing so, we aim to break away from traditional formats of advertising and sponsored content.

Like in our journalism, FactorBranded is premised on our principles of less is more, slow is fast, and, importantly for brands associating with us, quiet is loud. For instance, we dislike ad formats that disturb with reader experience on our website and distribution channels. In fact, perhaps we hate it even more than our readers and viewers do.

What To Expect

Approach To Your Brand Solution

FactorBranded will create compelling content solutions for brands that will intrigue, engage, and acquire mindshare, affinity, and consideration of the audience a brand is seeking. Period. This approach will be rooted in immersive story-telling borrowed from the best of editorial and advertising practices. And, leverage our databases (and others, if required) in sharply targeting the audience a brand seeks — both in terms of respect and numbers.

Compelling content in whatever form — be it editorial or advertising — has a tough time getting discovered. Enter amplification. Amplification of a marketing message is key to any brand, should a brand require heightened reach, FactorBranded will help brands to do so across social, broadcast, out-of-home and print channels through partnerships we have.


We see the following avenues of engagement for FactorBranded and your brand:

Sponsored sections

Editorially independent content that has resonance with a brand.

Branded content and native advertising

Content which doesn’t sell to but which inspires a consumer.

Customised events

Immersive, experiential events that look into the future and speak the language of today.

Media partnerships

Collaboration to amplify an idea.

We believe in experimenting with these solutions so if you have any bespoke ideas, do reach out. The principles in our Code of Conduct will always guide relationships with brands.

Our Work

Future Of Jobs

Analyses and imagination put to play on what’s coming around the corner, who’s shaping our future, and how the future will be very different from the past.

If you would like to be a partner of FactorDaily meetups write to us at futureofjobs@factordaily.com.

FactorDaily Meetups

Attend our meetups to listen to discourses and insights and participate in conversations on tech shifts that are disrupting our world. Drop us a mail meetups@factordaily.com to be on our mailing list.

If you would like to be a partner for Future Of Jobs write to us at branded@factordaily.com.


"FactorDaily came across as a new-age media house. I am glad that their approach to content is different and refreshingly honest. In SAP’s case they partnered with us to deliberate on the best way forward in our ISV / developer initiative. They adopted a strategic approach than the quick fix – quick results tactical approach. They pushed back when necessary and took ownership for the end-results than just the activities. Ideal set of guys with whom you would want to experiment a new idea with. Wishing these passionate set of individuals all the very best."

Sandeep Viswanathan, Marketing Manager, Platform Solutions SAP India

"The experience has been fabulous and it is a long term relationship."

Rishi Das, Co-founder & CEO, CareerNet Group


Would you like us to ideate for your brand? If yes, write to us at branded@factordaily.com.

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