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Creating compelling conversations & communities

What is FactorBranded? 

The short answer is that FactorBranded is the marketing solutions arm of Sourcecode Media Pvt. Ltd. which runs FactorDaily - a platform that is consistently raising the bar in tech media for its combination of great storytelling and stunning design.

The slightly long answer, however, is that FactorBranded is an entirely new way of looking at how brands can have meaningful conversations with their existing and potential customers.

In today’s digital, connected age where consumers are getting savvier by the click, brands need to take a break from the traditional approach. Instead, they need some breakthrough thinking that can put them at the forefront of this change that most companies and individuals are still struggling to wrap their heads around.

Think of FactorBranded as your New Age Thinking Partner that can help you make that much-needed connect. 

What to Expect

Before we set out to tell you what to expect from us, it might be pertinent to know what we DO NOT do. Borrowing a term from the technology industry — one of our focus areas — we do not prefer to provide ‘point solutions’ or one-off things that just happen to come our way. Also, we do not work for just about anyone but choose our clients carefully (just as we would want them to select us with much thought).

Having said that, we are not snooty. Rather, we are Careful. Deep-thinking. Considerate. And, while we may be writing a great deal about ML and AI, Humanly Intelligent. 

Our Approach to Brand Solutions 

We believe that brands are entities in their own right that have an interesting interplay of love-hate relationship with their key constituencies. Whether you think of consumers, suppliers, employees or other stakeholders involved in its journey, a brand can live or die by their affection or disenchantment. And digital is increasingly becoming the vehicle to direct all that love-hate towards brands.

Given this backdrop, we at FactorBranded take all aspects of brand messaging — from crafting it to delivering it to ensuring it gets received in a positive light — seriously. Very, very seriously indeed.

Our approach is rooted in immersive storytelling and delightful interactions borrowed from the very best in editorial and marketing practices. 

How We Do It

We achieve the brand messaging goals of our clients through an eclectic mix of science and art. By leveraging the extensive reach of our platform, we create compelling content solutions and interaction opportunities that will intrigue, engage, and endear a brand to the audiences it has in mind.

Not only that, we enhance and amplify the brand messages and opportunities through social, electronic, out-of-home, print and any other necessary channels.

We do it with whatever it takes — but tend to do it in style AND substance. 

What about You?

So, that’s our story. You can browse the Our Work section to look at some of the things we have done for our clients recently.
And when you are ready to share your story — or create one or enhance it with us — you are most welcome to drop in a note.