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Code of Conduct

FactorBranded is the marketing solutions arm of Sourcecode Media Pvt. Ltd., which runs FactorDaily - a path-breaking, editorially driven platform that sits at the intersection of technology with culture and society in India.

While it is the stated purpose of FactorBranded, as the name itself suggests, to work closely with brands for creating, enhancing and delivering messages useful to them, we have chosen to abide by a code of conduct that will help us maintain high standards of business ethics. Such a code, we believe, will in turn help the brands we work with to stay true to their values and play their roles as responsible corporate citizens in an increasingly open, connected, collaborative and progress-oriented world.

Here are some do’s and don’ts of the Code of Conduct:

• Be transparent, open and caring in our brand relationships
• State/discuss upfront the scope, size and value of the work to be done
• Maintain a clear line of demarcation between FactorBranded and FactorDaily so as not to impinge upon the editorial integrity of the latter, which has its own Code of Conduct 
• Encourage long-term, sustainable brand associations
• Understand the brand values of our clients and figure out if there is common ground with FactorBranded so that we can work together in an environment of trust
• Treat each brand as ‘neutral’ in the sense that we do not want any brand bias; we endeavour to serve each and every one with similar care and diligence
• Respect the contrarian views of others and extend dignity to each human being regardless of race, class, caste or creed
• Abide by the law of the land in intent, spirit and process.

• Sign up on a project for the sake of acquiring a client
• Look at things from merely a transactional standpoint
• Entertain an idea or undertake an activity that may in any way be detrimental to any other company, individual or the society at large
• Promote anything that can spread fear, hatred or negativity in or towards any community
• Take short-cuts that can harm a brand in the long run
• Bad-mouth a company that for any reason may have chosen to refuse our proposal or paused its relationship with us (no retaliatory tactics)

The above are but a few guiding principles that can keep us anchored to our core values of quality, integrity and transparency. We believe that this is just a beginning and our Code of Conduct will evolve as we undertake more journeys with our clients and as we continue to learn from brands and other stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome. You can drop in a note to us anytime you wish.